Our executive Island Cruising Rally is designed for groups who want to enjoy nature and in particular relax around the tropical islands of Phuket.

Our Corporate Island Cruising Rally involves your group sailing or motor/sailing in a variety of sailing craft or power driven craft around the stunningly beautiful islands of Phuket And Phang Nga.

It is a suitable activity for medium to large sized groups of up to around 100 people. We provide you with a range of lovely yachts, catamarans and sports boats. Our well-qualified instructors and captains will ensure you a high quality event on the water. This teambuilding is available in Phuket and Phang Nga bay

The boats we use are safe and fun. Get your group together and rise to the challenge of crewing a sailing yacht with your work mates (and bosses!). Everyone plays a part in getting the yachts sailing  and teamwork will make all the difference when it comes to handling the yachts in a breeze later on in the day.We can provide you with classic yachts, large catamarans or spritely sports boats. We are also able to use Power driven catamarans that can traverse the whole of Phang Nga Bay in a day.

A cruising Rally is the ideal reward and chill out for rewarding your team members for their dedication to your company and possibly great sales performance.

The craft you choose can make the day out a memorable occasion. We suggest you confer with us in planning this event. If you want excitement or a gentle cruise we can provide you with the requisite sailing craft. A cruise to the islands probably means anchoring in crystal clear bays and either providing on board cuisine or a shore based restaurant. Choose craft that are suited to high end catering and which everone can enjoy at lunch time and other vessels that are a joy to sail around the islands.

The teams will enjoy the magnificence of nature in Phang Nga Bay or at Ko Racha. as the crews harness the wind the yachts move elegantly through the water. As time passes, they will learn a bit more and the science of ‘how it works’! Perhaps it will grab them and fascinate the enquiring minds found in upper management teams.

There’s so much to learn, but in this case the main aim is to enjoy a super cruise in unpolluted waters charging the teams batteries. This is the incentive for all the hard work they have put in over the last year and your reward is a special memory for them.