Dragon boat racing Thailand is a great teambuilding tool, ideal for larger groups where you want everyone to get involved. Each boat has a crew of more than 16 paddlers so it is not suitable for small teams. Dragon boat racing is quite new to Thailand so you may not find it in very may places in the Kingdom just yet, but don’t worry, it is not a new idea to Sail in Asia.

Dragon Boat Racing Thailand Teambuilding Events - ideal for large groups

We have over twenty years experience of teaching corporate teams how to paddle and then to race these fun boats. This is the perfect team building and MICE activity for large groups visiting Thailand - Phuket, Pattaya or Bangkok. Your staff members need no previous experience of paddling or boats of any type.

This is a surprisingly low cost activity for large groups and is popular with larger corporate clients with big numbers. We can run teambuilding events for up to 500 people, with fabulous beach settings, lake settings and with tempting local feasts or perhaps a Western style BBQ. We can even supply you with a master of ceremonies and music too.

Dragon boat Racing - a brief explanation & history

Dragon boat racing is a popular water sport that involves teams of paddlers racing in long, narrow boats decorated like dragons. It has a rich history that dates back over 2,000 years and originated in China.

Each dragon boat traditionally has a carved dragon’s head at the front and tail at the back. The paddles represent claws, so watch out!  In dragon boat racing, teams consist of a specific number of paddlers, typically ranging from 10 to 20, depending on the boat size and competition category. The team members paddle in unison to propel the boat forward, following the rhythm set by a drummer seated at the front of the boat. The drummer's role is to keep the team synchronized and motivated during the race with the 'helm' who stands at the back steering the boat with the use of a very long paddle (sweep). The helm in the case of our Sail in Asia Teambuilding dragonboat racing events is also the trainer keeping care of your staff, encouraging and ensuring their safety.

Dragon boat Racing Thailand - with SIA

In ancient China the dragon boat was used for religious purposes as a way of appeasing the rain gods. Some of our participants hope for the same, no rain during the race. Of course the weather in Thailand is so warm that a shower or two is no drama anyway.

The races are a fun spectacle, with at least two boats competing against each other in a straight line sprint over a distance of a 100 or  200 metre courses. Of course strength and technique are both important, but teamwork is crucial and this is the reason it is such a great teambuilding event. Our dragonboat races take place either on one of Phuket's artificial lakes or in the calm waters of Ao Yon Bay. The races are highly competitive, with your teams striving to reach the finish line first.

Dragon boat racing has become a global sport, with numerous competitions and festivals held around the world. It offers participants and spectators an exciting and visually impressive experience, combining athleticism, teamwork, and cultural celebration.