Corporate team sailing - this activity is ideal for Team Building

On a yacht the crew are entirely interdependent and good communication is essential which is what makes a corporate team sailing event a perfect teambuilding exercise whilst also learning new skills.

Our Corporate Learn to Sail Team Building involves your group learning corporate team sailing in a variety of yachting craft.

It is a suitable activity for small to medium sized groups of up around 10/50 people. We provide you with a range of lovely yachts, catamarans and sports boats. Our well-qualified instructors and captains will ensure you a high quality event  on the water. This teambuilding is available in Phuket and we can do smaller events at Pattaya. These are two of Thailand’s best locations for sailing. This is a one day or half day Team Building course designed for absolute beginners. Sail in Asia provide our guests with a quality sailing course with highly qualified IYT Instructors. The Firefly pictured below is used for small courses (5 persons). The Platu is great for learning on and we can take 30 people easily with our fleet of 6 boats. Sail in Asia's fleet of 6 Platus are a delight to sail and are perfect for a one day introduction to sailing. Everyone has a job and by day end the crew are melded together and helming with confidence.

Learn to Sail the racing yacht Piccolo. Winner of many races and a delight to be on. It can take 7-9 crew and everyone has a job. Learn how much working together matters on a yacht. Perfect for team bonding and learning how to cooperate and get the best from each other. Feel the sheer power of this former winner of Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. The boats we use are safe and fun. Get your group together and rise to the challenge of crewing a sailing yacht with your work mates (and bosses!). Everyone plays a part in getting the yachts sailing  and teamwork will make all the difference when it comes to handling the yachts in a breeze later on in the day.

Reasons why your senior management team in particular will love a corporate team sailing event

The craft you choose can make the day out a memorable occasion. We suggest you confer with us in planning this event. If you want excitement or a gentle cruise we can provide you with the requisite sailing craft. A cruise to the islands probably means anchoring in crystal clear bays and either providing on board cuisine or a shore based restaurant. The teams will enjoy the power of nature, as they harness its bounty to move across water, free energy is a real buzz, especially when you can stay in control of it. As time passes, they will learn a bit more and the science of ‘how it works’ will grab them and fascinate the enquiring minds found in upper management teams.

Come and Sail with us for a day around the beautiful islands of Phuket. Warm seas, tropical islands, safe waters and stunning Thai cuisine all make your team building a really exciting and fun day out on the water. There’s so much to learn, for example ‘points of sail’ (which direction the wind comes from and how to adjust the sails to catch the breeze). At least a few of your team will want to know more and will start thinking about a sailing holiday (we can help there too as we do all levels of sail training!)